Anyone up for some fUUn in the wUUds?

This memorial day weekend, I and whoever else wishes to accompany me will be camping near Hermann, MO. I will head out on Friday afternoon, and am not planning to return till Monday day. Come out for all or just part!
Information and directions can be found here at this site.

There will be 700 acres of woods and riverfront availible for our wanderings, a community fire under a shelter, potluck lunch/dinner Sunday night, an old quarry to climb in, old farm houses to explore, and all with Missouri wine country a hop/skip/jump away!
The more, the merrier! Fun is garunteed, or your money back!
Any ?uestions? Just ask!
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NPD 2007 Info!

Here is the map for NPD.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My phone is 314.541.5678. Feel free to call with questions, even if you don't actually know me.

The rain sucks. If weather allows, we'll have the picnic in the regular spot. If weather is not too bad, we'll have it in the alternate spot. If weather really sucks, then its the House of Mykus.
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It's time once again for NO PANTS DAY!

May 4th is No Pants Day for 2007. That means its time for the Myke&Marcus 3rd Annual No Pants Day Picnic and Afterparty!

First on the schedule is the 2007 NPD Picnic. It will be held in the same spot as the last 2 previous years. (In Forest Park, on Lindell Blvd, between Confederate Dr. and Union Blvd.)
Time: 5:30
Bring a dish to share; its a potluck picnic!(respond with what you are bringing)

Next up is the Whoremoans Record Release party/concert featuring Jupiter Jazz!
Where: 215 East Main St, Belleville, IL 62220
When: 9pm
How much: $5

After it gets dark,festivities will continue at the House of Mykus(6244 Oakland Ave, Apt 101, 63139) both between the picnic and during and after the show. BYOB, but there will be community drinks available.

There will also be an expedition to Ronnie's 20 Cine' for a Midnight showing of Spider-Man 3 in IMAX format. That is actually the morning of NPD, so between the 3rd and 4th. Contact crazymonito for more info about that. There is also a showing @ the Moolah Theater, if you can't make it to Ronnie's.

Pick and choose your activities, there's plenty of variety for all!
Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

For more information about No Pants Day, go here:
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St. Patrick's Celemebrration

All people that are interested are invited to my house for Festivities relating to St. Patrick's Day and having the Dogtown parade a block from my house.
The "real and only St. Patrick's Day Parade" in St. Louis is at NOON, but folks are welcome to come before to have fun and be merry before venturing out to survey the parade. I.e., do that.
RSVP on livejournal, or call 314.646.0757 or 314.541.5678.

BYOB, but if enough folks RSVP, then I'll purchase imbebements.

Come on, it'll be fun!

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Kirk and Spock

One Week away! Time's a tickin'....

Next weekend, March 9, 10, 11 is

Spring CMWD Young Adult (ages 18-35) District Conference!

Events already scheduled for Continuum:

* Radical Hospitality
* An Inconvenient Truth viewing and Discussion
* Excursions to Imax theater and Milwaukee Art Museum

But of course you know, that's not all!
Alternative Young Adult-Oriented Worship services!
More exciting/fun/enlightening/alloftheabove Workshops!
Evening entertainment!
Camraderie and antics as only UUs and thier friends know how!(get yurself some!)



Tonight, "Guys" Night, my house
Playing cards, drinking drinks, shooting shit. If that's your cup of tea whether you actually have a penis or not, you are welcome to come.
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CUT you!

I wanna go! Like tonight-like. Who woudl like to come?

The Actors' Gang
Friday, February 16, 8pm
Saturday, February 17, 8pm

Inthe world created by George Orwell’s “1984”, is a place where peoplefear expression, leaders avoid accountability and war is wagedperpetually. Written more than half a century ago, its prescience oftoday’s world is stunning.

ArtisticDirector, Tim Robbins directs this powerful new stage adaptation by SanFrancisco Mime Troupe’s Michael Gene Sullivan. Over the last 20 years,the Actor’s Gang has produced over 68 plays and continually developednew works that address the world today through a prism of satire,popular culture and raucous stagecraft.

Recommended Reading: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

It's $16 for students. And did you notice its directed by Tim Robbins? Like "Shawshank Redemption" Tim Robbins? $16 isn't too bad, is it?
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Kirk and Spock

(no subject)

Tonight I:
Went to Evan's house and cleaned and oiled my guns.
Met up w/ Evan's friend Scott and went to get some food.
Then Evan. Scott, and I:
Went to Racanelli's in Kwood, pulled a piza out of thier trash can, heated it up in thier oven, and ate it.
Went to a hoosier bar @ 270 & Gravois.
Drank semi-crappy beer untill inebriation was achieved.
Ogled(in a worth-affirming and respectful manner) the bartender and waitresses.
Sang Dennis Learey's "Asshole" w/ the rest of the bar.(what a good song!)
Set up a monthly-recurring "guy's night"(all gender inclusive) for some fraternal rowdiness.
Talked some talk and shot some shit with some Evan and Scott.
Came home, wrote this stuff.

What a pleasent way to spend the evening.

PS: If you would like to participate in monthly "guy's night", let me know. We plan on poker and shit-shooting and fraternizing and other such nonsense. Do it.
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Happy Valentine's Day! (again)

Did you think I was gonna forget? You probably forgot too. Well, its V-Day, and that means its time for the ANNUAL V-DAY WEBCOMIC!
This year's is brought to you by

How was my V-Day? Very nice. I spent the day on drugs and napping(for money!).
Then Brittany picked me up, we went to Nadoz to pick up the strawberries(what strawberries? go look at pics), had some champagne w/ a strawberry floating in it. Then we went to Cha' Yoon, a little authentic sushi/cocktail/tea bar by Coffee Oasis. Best I've had in a long time!
Then home, then the giving of cutesy cuddly owl buttons. Then now.
Thats all the details you get. Use your imaginations, kids.

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All you need is cash!

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Strange Brew: Cult Films at Schlafly Bottleworks

Great films and great beer! Join us the first Wednesday each month for a collection of weird and wonderful films from around the world, presented by the highly acclaimed Webster Film Series.

Our next feature:

Wednesday, February 7 at 8:00 p.m.

Eric Idle & Gary Weis, 1978, UK, 76 min.

Admission – $4.00

Chartingthe adventures of the Prefab Four, the film chronicles the rise ofDirk, Barry, Stig and Nasty; better known as the Rutles. Followingtheir career from their early days in Liverpool and Hamburg's infamousRat-Keller, to their amazing worldwide success, Monty Python’s EricIdle presents a hilarious send-up of Beatlemania and the many seriousdocumentaries made about the Beatles. Featuring great song parodies(Sgt. Rutter’s Only Darts Club Band, Hold My Hand, Cheese & Onions,Ouch! etc.) and appearances by John Bellushi, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray,Gilda Radner; along with cameos from Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Paul Simon,George Harrison and others.


Also, if God doesn't want you to eat certain things, why would they make them in the first place?
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The 70's were the best.

The 70's were the bestest evar, and I am jealous.
They had:
the best music(DISCO and FUNK of course, but the metal, punk, and hip-hop scenes were all just getting started!)
the best clothes
the best hair
the best movies
the best dancing
the best cars
the best drugs
the best TV shows
they still had a "free love" feeling left over from the 60's, but AIDS wasn't a big deal yet like the 80's
birth control finally!
the best pr0n
the best video games
great politics(feminism, environmentalism, civil rights, gay rights, Vietnam, Nixon, etc.)
ShoEboX of WOrm Quartet was born.

Feel free to add to my list.
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